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 About us
TEL : +86 519 83807168 83807169
Fax : +86 519 83807167
Post code: 213164
Email: yibin@blyibin.com
Website: http://www.khotos.com
Address: Indrustrial Concentration Zone,Jiaze Town,Wujin District, Changzhou,Jiangsu Province.China
    About us

      Our factory is a casting manufacturer with machining capacity, we are a small but professional in aluminium alloy and zinc alloy casting.We’re a member of Changzhou Foundry Association .

      Our main parts are of small and medium casting. As a professional non-ferrous metal casting foundry, besides raw casting, we also offer post value added services for sand casting parts, such as heat treatment, mirror polishing, powder coating, painting,electroplating and anodizing etc. The environment impacting processes such electroplating and anodizing are out source from professional suppliers. All of our post treatment partners are well selected and have cooperated for long time. We control their in-process quality control to guarantee final product quality. Any of your requirement will be responded strictly and instantly by our salesman.

      We are flexible for casting orders of large or small size, no matter sand casting, gravity casting, and pressure die casting. For simple and large quantity parts, we will use machine molding to make it. For complicated and small quantity parts, we will use hand molding to make it. We have three casting workshop can meet regular orders from local or foreign customers.

      With good credit and quality, our company get our customers’ recognition and have good business relationship with each other.
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