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TEL: +86 519 83807168 83807169
Fax: +86 519 83807167
Post code: 213164
Email: yibin@blyibin.com
Website: http://www.khotos.com
Address: Indrustrial Concentration Zone,Jiaze Town,Wujin District, Changzhou,Jiangsu Province.China
Aluminium gravity die casting >> Gear Housing
 as Per Customers' Require or standard erport pakcing
 2000 pcs/month
 T/T in advance, L/C
Min. Order:
 500 pcs
Export Markets:
 North America,South America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe,Eastern Asia
Product Description:  
Product Description:
Gravity die casting
1. Name: Gear Housing
2. Material: Al Alloy
3. Surfce treatment:Shot blasting
4. Process: Gravity die casting + CNC machining
5. We have past ISO9001: 2008 Certificate.
6. We can produce all kinds of casting parts with Aluminum and Zinc Alloy. But customers must provide the samples or drawing.
Can offer three types of molds die castings, sand and permanent mold casting
Software for drawing: auto CAD, UG, CAD, PDF .
Surface finish process: Polishing shot blasting, chromate plating, power coated and anodizing

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